We are so incredibly excited to announce that our little family are setting off on the adventure of a life time, travelling the World together full time.

Thank you so much to everybody who has followed our journey so far and a big welcome to new friends who have just found us.

We are so excited to have you all here joining us on a journey around our enchanting planet.

We hope you enjoyed this video as a little teaser of what is to come. We will be following up this huge family travel announcement with videos about all of our preparation from emotions, to selling everything, decluttering each room in our house, packing and family destination planning.

We have a few main goals on our trip including:

Opening Our Eyes – We consider ourselves open minded people but we want to take this to a new level. We want to open our eyes, our minds, our bodies to as much as our planet has to offer in a non judgemental way as we are eager to learn from it all. We want to feel the fear of venturing beyond our safety net, our home, our jobs and our day to day family lives. We’d also love to encourage others to embrace change and unusual possibilities with an open heart and open mind.

Education – Never stop learning. We love the idea of our children being raised unconditioned by any particular culture and absorbing their own influence from each country they experience. It will be refreshing for them to be free to learn without any specific society pressures and in their own unique fashion.

Culture – Stepping out of traditional British society and into completely unique and polar opposite cultures will be humbling and we plan to focus our attentions on experiences with people living all around the World and sharing our raw feelings and reflections each week. Instead of viewing them from the outside we want to venture in, to speak to real people living real lives that are starkly different to ours back in England.

Nature and Conservation – We are in awe of natural beauty and it’s something we want to soak up like a cat stretched out in sun. A big focus of our travels will be seeking out sights that we will never forget on land and at sea. We also are planning to take part in conservation efforts and humanitarian work around the World, wherever we have the opportunity we want to make a difference to the lives of wildlife and people from many different countries.

Ethical Responsible Living – We are a vegan family and we’re excited for both the joys and challenges of living our lifestyle around the World. We’d love to share with you all our foodie tips in different countries as well as how we maintain ethical living when in countries where it is less prevalent. We are really excited to visit some of the World’s best ecological gems when it comes to travel.

Simple Living In the Moment – Living each present moment and having fun as a family are huge priorities. We yearn for a slower pace of life where we can take more time to listen to our children, their thoughts, their laughter and enjoy more time together. Ultimately we feel so blessed to have this time together, away from Dan’s long hours and parenting pressures. We will treasure it. We are also focused on wellbeing and exploring alternatives to break the shackles of Poppy’s battles with anxiety and depression and we will be recording a wellbeing diary on our website.

We hope this has given a little insights behind our decision to start this wonderful new journey together and would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Will you be tuning in to discover where we head next?

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