About Us

Welcome to our pack. It is awesome to have you here.

We are on Our Venture Beyond and we’d love for you to join us on what will push us out of our comfort zone, into a wealth of cultures and around our enchanting planet.

We are a vegan family of four from the UK and we are a travel the world family creating a video diary of our journey to share our ups, downs and everything in between.

Why are we Venturing Beyond?

Good grades, good job, successful business, buy a house, settle down, get married, have children. Tick, tick, tick. Society’s expectations have been met. Did it make us happy? Some things, yes, but the rat race has been veering us rather off grid for a long while now. We want to explore a simpler way of existence, living in the moment and soaking up Taormina and Wolfie’s childhood.

We feel the pressures of our culture can be suffocating and we spend so much time working that we have almost stopped enjoying life. Missing our children’s childhoods and submitting them to a similar slog once they reach their adult life is not something we can do anymore. We really want our children to have the opportunity to learn in an unbiased manner and to experience all that the World has to offer. Some may say they will be too young to remember but we don’t know where this journey will take us.

What we do know is that experiences shape who we will become .

Poppy has always been a bit on the wild side and Dan is indeed the level headed, realistic one in the relationship. Fortunately for us this works well and helps us evolve, we love to learn and channel our energy and thoughts into new ventures. Poppy suffers with depression and oddly this is one of the driving forces to our bold decision to rent the house out, sell Dan’s business and indefinitely travel the World ticking off a bucket list as we go. At the suggestion of this somewhat crazy idea Dan initially brushed it off but a seed had been planted and now we find ourselves doing something we only dreamed could be possible.

What are Our Venturing mottos?

Open Our Eyes – We consider ourselves open minded people but we want to take this to a new level. We want to open our eyes, our minds, our bodies to as much as our planet has to offer in a non-judgemental way as we are eager to learn from it all. We want to feel the fear of venturing beyond our safety net, our home, our jobs and our day to day family lives.

Education – Never stop learning. We love the idea of our children being raised unconditioned by any particular culture and absorbing their own influence from each country they experience. It will be refreshing for them to be free to learn without any specific society pressures and in their own unique fashion.

Culture – Stepping out of traditional British society and into completely unique and polar opposite cultures will be humbling and we plan to focus our attentions on experiences with people living all around the World and sharing our raw feelings and reflections each week. Instead of viewing them from the outside we want to venture in, to speak to real people living real lives that are starkly different to ours back in England.

Nature – We are in awe of natural beauty and it’s something we want to soak up like a cat stretched out in sun. A big focus of our travels will be seeking out sights that we will never forget on land and at sea.

Ethical Responsible Living – We are a vegan family and we’re excited for both the joys and challenges of living our lifestyle around the World. We’d love to share with you all our foodie tips in different countries as well as how we maintain ethical and sustainable living when in countries where it is less prevalent.

Simple Living In the Moment – Living each present moment and having fun as a family are huge priorities. We yearn for a slower pace of life where we can take more time to listen to our children, their thoughts, their laughter and enjoy more time together. Ultimately, we feel so blessed to have this time together, away from Dan’s long hours and parenting pressures. We will treasure it. We are also focused on well-being and exploring alternatives to break the shackles of Poppy’s battles with anxiety and depression and we will be recording a diary of progress here on the blog.

Helping you on Your Venture Beyond

We Life Coach others focusing on self-care, the ability to dream and to chase the dream. We created our own programme to achieve our dream of leaving the rat race behind to explore this beautiful planet and it is available for help you too! The programme is an on-going cycle of self-development, self-awareness and progression for happiness. Everything we do comes from the heart and we love helping others on their life journey.

We are honest, and very open and don’t bite… that much so feel free to get in contact if you have any questions about us.

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