Meet Our Pack

Alpha Male – Dan .

Business and Life Coach, ex-Electrician, Father, YouTuber and loves pointing out the elephant in the room!

Instagram @danstheengineer

LinkedIn Dan Jackson

Dan quit A-levels to work and soon found himself an electrical apprenticeship. He loved his career and worked every hour under the sun gaining valuable experience and the motivation was always money which helped him buy his first property aged 21. Aged 22 he set up his first company – an electrical and fire alarm contracting company.

Dan met Poppy at a mutual friend’s BBQ and within 4 weeks of knowing each other, Poppy moved in with Dan which seemed like circumstance at the time but now seems like fate.

Fatherhood hit Dan in the face like a bag of bricks. The pressure of a growing business, a wife struggling with depression and a new-born child, got a little bit too much and developed a drinking problem. Alcohol and poor lifestyle choices played a prevalent role in Dan’s early years as an adult. After an ultimatum by Poppy due to the drinking problem, Dan went cold turkey and hasn’t drunk alcohol since. Combined parenthood. Marriage and experiences, Dan was on a path to where he is today.

He discovered veganism in 2016 which has impacted his life in more ways than one. In Dan’s words “Veganism isn’t just about what you eat, it is a way of thinking”. Meaning that when he discovered how animals were bred, kept and killed in industries which accepted such practices, it opened his eyes to why those practices were allowed to continue. It makes you question everything and instead of being told an answer and accepting it, it enables you to look for your answer and not accepting anything without a good enough reason, evidence or logical explanation.

Business was always the focus for Dan, specifically money until he realised that time is actually more important than money and that ethics should play a huge part of life and business. When he stopped focusing on money and focused on family and that employees are human and not robots, life got better!! Business thrived and money followed!

Although he was smashing his career and business, he knew a dramatic lifestyle change was needed. In 2018, he was awarded fellowship by the IET and became a Fellow of the Institution of the Engineering and Technology, his YouTube channel was gaining popularity within the electrical and fire industry and business hitting all time high turnover and profit.

In the summer of 2018, he sold his shares of his electrical business, paid off bad debts and made plans to travel the world with his family! He certainly ‘left’ the industry on a high but has no regrets as his new lifestyle is rewarding in many ways.

Dan says: “It was never my dream to travel until a year before we left the UK. I have always been focused on working as a tradesman doing what I thought was best but a few events in my life occurred and my eyes opened. I then questioned why I was working so many hours without any gain, time or hobbies. I also grew increasingly concerned at how little I spent with my family. I needed a change. I quit my job and a weight was lifted from my shoulders. It was always going to be a massive risk but what seriously can be better than spending time with your family, exploring the world, experiencing your adventures with loved ones and working together? We are pushing our boundaries and venturing beyond. I love seeing people develop. I am on one hell of a journey and use my experience and knowledge to help others achieve a better work life balance.”

Alpha Female – Poppy .

Wild, a Dreamer, Questions Everything, Loves Nature and Animals, Health and Wellness Life Coach, Creative Video Maker

Instagram @poppyreflects

Poppy is the leader of our pack. Yes, you read that correctly, the female being the leader! She loves making her creative imagination real!

Poppy moved to London on her own aged 17 where she studied Fashion Design at the prestigious London College of Fashion. A year later she met Dan at a mutual friends BBQ and before you know it, moved in with him making a positive impact on his life.

Her career plans were not playing out how she hoped. Poppy has experience in wedding planning, retail, marketing, and travel planning, but nothing seemed like it had an exciting future. So Poppy and Dan decided to have children and she would concentrate on a career once they were older….. Well that didn’t play out either!

Poppy has a long history of mental health problems such as depression and health anxiety. Parenthood was tough and due to Dan working every hour under the sun and the pressures of being a full-time mum, Poppy realised that life needed to change. She has always had a wild rebellious streak and often presented crazy ideas to Dan. “Lets ditch everything and become a full-time travelling family” said Poppy to Dan. After much discussion, it came true!

She stands for women empowerment and feminism. She questions everything, and she believes in living life to its full potential. Her aim is to encourage people to achieve their dreams and to aid women out of a suppressed lifestyle to realise they are a beautiful individual.

Yoga, fitness training, vegan diet, and general health and wellness are practices that she encourages day to day. Determined, odd and wild, Poppy loves seeing the best in people and has touched many with her positive outlook!

In Poppy’s words: “It’s always been my dream to travel. I have never felt I’ve put down roots and cliché as it sounds I feel like perhaps we were destined to live this dream. To explore, push our limits and experience the wildest things the World has to offer. I always thought that we wouldn’t be able to travel for a long time because of Dan’s work and certainly once we had children, I ruled it out for a couple of years. Then I started looking into travelling families and the fantasy resumed, I still can’t quite believe it is now a reality. As well as the strong urge to explore I love animals, nutrition, cooking, fitness, creating and showing that women are powerful beautiful creatures.”

Beta – Taormina .

A YouTubing Kid, Wild Child and Free Spirit. Says she remembers everything, but forgot what she had for breakfast!

Instagram @taorminaviolet

T dog, as we call her, aged 4 has taken travelling in her stride. Often she will wake up in a new bed that she hasn’t seen yet as we travelled through the night and she was stumble around trying to find the toilet in the middle of the night but she is proof that kids are open to change and adaptable. Once freed from the routine lifestyle, she has shown amazing development and is enjoying her world schooling education and loves vlogging! She is a free spirit and knows what she wants. At first she can seem a little shy but when she warms up, we warn you, she won’t shut up!!!

In the words of Taormina: “Hey everybody! I love travelling with Dan, Poppy and Wolfie. I enjoy vlogging, especially giving you a room tour of our new home. I make so many friends on our travels including children who don’t speak English, adults who want to play with me and animals who love cuddles. You can’t pronounce my name??? Nobody can ha”

Delta – Wolfie .

Vegan Boy and A Lady Killer who does nothing but Love and Laugh

Instagram @wolfiemaverick

Awww, our little Wolf Cub Jackson. Aged 2, full of cheek and smiles. In Vancouver when boarding a boat, an Australian couple kept looking over at us and eventually asked if he was a boy which we revealed he was, they said his beautiful eyes and called him a ‘lady killer’. We laughed but it is true!!! He loves the ladies and will do his best to get their attention. He is kind and gentle, but man does he give us a fright regularly. He is a climber and adventurous. He is not quite as wild as his older sibling, but there is still time. He is learning from the best!!

Wolfie says: “Yes yes yes, I know I have long hair and yes I am a boy. Is it lunch time yet and is it vegan??”